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About Us
Genesis Zoological Center Inc.
Donations:  Without your support this facility wouldn't exist. We
receive no money from Local, State or Federal Government
agencies. Donations can include cash, merchandise(
new or used), or
services. You can donate money on our wish list page through paypal,
major credit cards are accepted. You can also mail in your donation.
All donations are tax deductible. Whether your an individual or a
company there are many ways to donate that can benefit the animals.
Please check the "
Wish List" for the items that are most needed.
THE STATE/850-488-2221 - Calling from outside of Florida. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY
Genesis Zoological Center Reg# CH9884
Animals in need: If you have an injured wild animal and
need to bring it by for rehabilitation, here is the procedure:
  • The best time to bring it by is Friday - Sunday, 10am - 4 pm. If it
    is during the week, call (863) 965-8706. Leave a message and
    we will get back with you to set up a drop off time.
  • We prefer not to pick up injured animals off site. All animals
    requiring care should be brought to our facility.
  • Check out the Contact Us  page for our address and a map.
  • For info on wildlife rehabilitation go to the Rehabilitation page.
  • This is a free service provided to the community by
    volunteers and your donations.
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Genesis Zoological is a non profit 501(C)(3) Tax exempt Wildlife
Rescue Center. We have been in operation in Florida since 1989. The
main function of the center is to rescue wildlife and facilitate there
release or permanent care. This includes the rehabilitation and
release of native wildlife as well as the permanent care of exotic and
non-releasable animals. The community brings us there un-wanted,
injured and nuisance wildlife. We are a center that is run strictly by
donations and volunteers. All(
%100) of the donations received are
used for the animals.
Volunteer: With the center being run by volunteers, they are
always needed. There are many things a person can do including
clean up, lawn maintenance, building & facility maintenance, feeding
and administrative tasks. There are two types of volunteers, long term
and short term. Everyone starts as a short term volunteer. This would
also include Community service people. Duties include Maintenance,
cleaning, greeting, painting, promotions, print media. No direct
contact or feeding of most of the animals. Long term volunteers have
come weekly on a regular basis for many months. This has enabled
them to get use to the procedures and allows the director to develop
a certain amount of trust. Trust is the main factor to becoming a long
term volunteer. This must be developed with the animals that you will
be caring for and only comes with time. Once this has been  
established you will be feeding/cleaning the animals and taking care
of there needs. Volunteer work can even be done from home or work.
It takes minimal time from your life but can help in many ways.
Humans have made the biggest negative impact on these animals
native habitat, so without the help from volunteers, humans can't begin
to make things better.  You must be at least 18 y/o to volunteer.  
Volunteer Application