Domestic page
Genesis Zoological Center Inc.
Porker is a neutered male pot bellied pig. He came
to Genesis over 12 years ago. He was found in a
mobile home after the occupants had moved away.
He had been abandoned and left with a badly
healed leg that had been broken. To this day Porker
can be seen slightly limping when the weather is
cold . He has no trouble getting around when the
dinner bell rings.
Penny is a female Shetland pony she has been
with us for over 10 years. We had a call about
her . The boy who owned her had ridden her
and put her away wet without walking her till she
was dry and cooled down. Standing like this
caused her leg muscles to seize up and walk
stiffly. No longer able to be ridden  her previous
owners took her to the auction to be sold. We
arrived at the auction just as she was being
unloaded and purchased her.  Even though she
could never be ridden, Penny has been the best
lawnmower ever! , for the past 10 years.
Blackie is a old neutered male sheep .One of about 40 that we rescued over 13 years ago. We got a call from some
people that they were moving to New York and that there were about 40 sheep on property they were renting. If we
didn't go and get the sheep they would be without food and water until someone rescued them. Well we managed to
tackle and load all the sheep  (wish I had taken a camera LOL. Over the years we have managed to place them in
good homes and Blackie is the last one left.
As a rule we try to stick to only helping wildlife ,but over the years we have had to make a few exceptions. Below are a
few domestic stories.
Other unwanted pets such as  boa constrictors,raccoons,
turtles and iguanas  are some of the animals that have
found a permanent home at Genesis.
(Blackies Picture coming soon.)