Why don't the animals have larger enclosures?
We would love to have hundreds of acres for the animals to roam, but the bottom line is
money. It takes a large amount of money to build the enclosures to meet state and federal
laws. All of our enclosures exceed state and federal size requirements. Anytime there is
extra money available we try our best to increase the sizes of all the enclosures. This is
why we always are in need of monetary donations as well as construction supplies. If you
have any ideas or would like to sponsor your own enclosure please feel free to contact us.
We want the most space for these animals more than anybody......
Do you go in the cages with the tigers?
No. These animals are very powerful and can be unpredictable. To go in with them
would be taking a chance with your life. Although they are very loving animals that
mean no harm, they play very rough. What might be friendly play to them could
seriously injure a human. We use shift gates to access the inside for cleaning and
maintenance. There food and water is given to them through points in the back of
there fence.  
Why Don't you release the animals?
Genesis Zoological Center Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Baby Screech owls before release.
That is the main purpose of Genesis. All the animals that you see at the Center are
"Non-Releasable". With the native animals, that means they have a permanent injury
that would limit there ability to survive in the "Wild". With the Non-Native species,
Federal & State law forbids the release of these animals. Check out some picks of
some released wildlife.
Rehab & Release
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Do you breed animals?
No, The function of the center is the rehab/release of native wildlife. We also rescue exotic
species that require permanent care.
Do you have any positions open for employment?
The center is run by volunteers only. We don't have the budget for paid employees.
Where Do you receive your funding?
Genesis receives all it's funding from public donations. We receive no funding from local,
state, or federal government agencies.