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New Monkey Enclosure finished:
In January we finished building our new monkey
enclosure for the capuchins. This greatly
increased the amount of space they have
available. It also included an enclosure for our
new arrival, Adam. Adam is a pigtail macque
that was brought to us by a family that could no
longer keep him.
Czar and Kalissa joined:
One of our biggest stories involves a new
arrival in the beginning of 2006. We received
Kalissa at the age of 8 weeks and immediately
began the construction of an addition to the
Tiger enclosure. After growing up next to czar
for a year, we joined the two in January of
2007. As of today they are enjoying each
others company. Best wishes to them both.
Event Information
Kalissa's new 16x32
addition is finished.
Angel, the white Siberian
tiger cub, arrives.
Adam, the pig tailed
maccac, arrives.
New monkey enclosures
Toby, the African spur
turtle, arrives.
Kalissa arrives.
Latest News
Genesis Zoological Center Inc.
Our newest Tiger:
Angel is our newest tiger rescue. She arrived the
end of 2006 and is growing fast. She is a White
Siberian Tiger and will hopefully be put in with Czar
& Kalissa when she grows up. With the addition of
two tigers in the last year our food/construction
costs have greatly increased. With this strain on
the budget it is even more important that we
receive your help. Only your continued support
helps these animals.....Please remember them.
Czar and Kalissa joined.
We are rebuilding some of our smaller
enclosures that have taken a beating
these last few hurricane seasons. This is a
picture of the Hawk enclosure half
finished(with new roof). We need your help
to continue to take care of these animals.
Any construction materials go a long way.
Be a corporate or family sponsor and
have your name on one*
Facility Upkeep:
The summer of 2007 brings the three
Czar, Kalissa, Angel) together.
After waiting for Angel to grow up, we
have finally been able to put them
together. They are playing and
enjoying each others company. Now
that Czar is in with two females he will
need to be neutered in the near future.
Donations for this procedure will be
taken starting this month. We don't
want more tigers in need of care.
Please help with this procedure.
Czar, Kalissa, Angel joined:
Rough Weather blows in:
Rough weather in the beginning of
April spawns a tornado. We lost the
front fence and our refrigerator shed.
Tornado takes out front
fence and shed
Czar, Kalissa, Angel are
New pool and waterfall for
the turtles
Sara gets a room addition.
On July 1, 2007 the new Red-eared
Slider rules went into effect.
New Rules
our turtle enclosure in anticipation of
people surrendering there Red-Eared
Florida black bears have been in the
news a lot lately. Please remember to not
feed them. Feeding them will only attract
them to human populated areas and will
cause conflicts which always end up in
the bear being put down. If you see
people feeding them you should report
them to FFWCC.

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