Treatment & Rehabilitation
Genesis Zoological Center Inc.
We receive many kinds of injured, orphaned and displaced wild animals. Each animal is individually
examined and treated with:
  • Special veterinary care
  • recovery care
  • Complete balanced diet
  • Proper and safe housing
  • Physical therapy
  • Preparation for realease
  • Release into its natural environment
Properly rehabilitated animals relate normally to other animals in the wild. They mate and raise young.
Rehabilitation, done correctly, returns animals to their rightful places in the environment!     
Many times it may be tempting to care for the injured or young wild bird or animal yourself. Before you do,
  • It is ILLEGAL to keep most species of wildlife without state and federal permits.
  • Knowledge of proper diet, housing and handling is essential to their well-being.
  • Most wildlife carry parasites and/or diseases.
  • It is cruel to cage and make pets of animals that will eventually resent their confinement.
  • Wild animals are unpredictble and potentially dangerous.
Below are some pictures of our success stories. This is the reward for all the
hard work that goes into rehabilitating wildlife. Release back to the wild....We
wish them all good luck for a happy and healthy life.
This little(of course he's not little now) guy was brought to us as a baby. Someone found him wandering in a cow field during a
storm. He was almost gone. We started bottle feeding him and within a month had him on solid food. After a couple of months
of rehab we are proud to show his release.
A dove that needed some TLC. Peace for
all the animals...
Every year we get a lot of
Screech owls. We have very
good success in rehabilitating
them. They eat good and grow
up fast. Here are a few pictures
from baby to flying in the flight
North American River Otter
We also get a lot of hawks every year. Injuries range from hit by cars,
shootings, poisonings, babies falling out of nests. This young lady(
above) is
being released after rehabilitating a wing injury. The hawk in the pictures
below came to us with a bullet hole in her wing. She didn't seem like she
would ever fly again. Once we got her healed she went into the flight cage.
After giving her a little more time than usual in the flight cage, she showed
signs of progress. Good luck to them all....
We captured some video of
his release.
Otter Release Video
Click here
Here is some video of the latest
hawk release.
Hawk Release Video Click here
This little one was found by the side of the road after being hit by a
car. After a week of R & R, he was back to 100%.
Click here to see the kestral released,

Kestral Release Video.
He came to us very sick and not eating. After lots of patience he started feeling
better and eating again. Hopefully he will watch what he eats in the future....
Two Barred owls in flight
cage before release.