Although Money gives the Center the greatest flexibility in dealing with the needs of the
animals, There are always material things that can also help. Below is a list of merchandise
that is always in need. The items can be new or used and are always appreciated. Thank
you in advance for
Any help that you can give.

Lumber:                                               Hardware:
Pressure treated is preferred.             Galvanized is preferred.
Any size or shape.                                 Nails
Posts                                                       Screws
Wood fence                                            Gate hardware
Fence:                                                    Tools                                       
Chain link/any hardware                        Extension cords
Field fence                                              
Chicken wire                                           (All food must be fresh)    
wood                                                        Chicken
PVC                                                         Bananas      
Misc:                                                       Carrots
Shade cloth                                             Potatoes
towels                                                       Lettuce
Blankets                                                   Sweet potatoes    
newspaper                                               Dog food
printer paper(8 1/2 x 11)                        Cat Food
envelopes                                                Beef or Pork
paper towels
Chest Freezer
Tarps(any size)
Heating pads
Baby bottles(
new only)
Lawn Equipment
Lawn Maintenance
Tree service
Fence work
Fund raising
Refrigeration Contractor
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Wish List
Penny saying "cheese".
Kalissa at 8 weeks old.
Genesis Zoological Center Inc.
Please keep your eyes open for any of these items.
Thank You.
Iguanas that grew to big for their
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tax deductible.